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Foundation Course on Basic Arithmetic

Conceptual,Clarity and knowledge gain in basic arithmetic.

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In this course, I shall provide in-depth knowledge of Basic Arithmetic in detail. The course will cover all concepts and would be helpful for aspirants preparing for all competitive exams. Learners at any stage of their preparation will be benefited from the course. The course will be covered in Bengali. The following courses will be covered

Percentage, Average, Time Speed and Distance, Boat and Streams, Profit and Loss, Simple and Compound Interest, etc.


What will you learn?
  • A clear understanding on each topic.
  • Good performance in arithmetic.
  • After completion of the course, students can solve every problem from basic to advance in the examination.
What knowledge and tools are required?
  • Notebooks or Copy to make short and quick notes.
  • Laptop/Android Phone/Tab and good Internet Connection.
Who should take this course?
  • Class from 6 to 10.
  • Aspiring students of Competitive exam like WBCS, SSC, Miscellaneous, etc
Lecture 1 :- Introduction

Basic Concept on Arithmetic.

  • Topics

  1. 1. Basic Concept on Arithmetic.
  2. 2. What is arithmetic and its used?
Lecture 2 :- Discussion on Number System

knowledge of Numbers, Integers, Real numbers, Imaginary numbers, Rational and Irrational numbers etc and related problems.

  • Topics

  1. 1. 1.Basic problem related to number system
  2. 2. 2.Remainder Theorem,Divisibility Rule
  3. 3. Unit Digit
  4. 4. HCF & LCM
  5. 5. Shortcut tricks and Exercise.
Lecture 3 :- Discussion on Average

  • Topics

  1. 1. Concept of Average
  2. 2. Basic problems on average,Age related
  3. 3. Shortcut tricks,Exercise
Lecture 4 :- Percentage

Conversion of percentage to fraction and fraction to percentage.Problems based on it.

  • Topics

  1. 1. Concept of Percentage
  2. 2. Basic problems on Percentage.
  3. 3. Shortcut tricks.
  4. 4. Exercise
Lecture 5 :- Profit and Loss

  • Topics

  1. 1. Basic concept
  2. 2. Shortcut Tricks
  3. 3. Problems regarding Profit-loss
  4. 4. Discount
Lecture 6 :- Ratio and Proportion

Learn to solve ratio proportion method which is also used in different chapter to solve the problems.

  • Topics

  1. 1. Concept
  2. 2. Learn to solve ratio proportion related problem
  3. 3. Exercise
Lecture 7 :- Time,Speed and Distance

Basic knowledge about time constant,distant constant,trains,boat and stream

  • Topics

  1. 1. Basic knowledge
  2. 2. Problems related on Time and Distance
  3. 3. Boat and Streams
  4. 4. Solve train related questions
Lecture 8 :- Time and Work

Basic knowledge about time and work and related problems.

  • Topics

  1. 1. Concept
  2. 2. Problems on time and work
  3. 3. Pipe and Cistern
  4. 4. Problems on daily wages
  5. 5. Shortcut tricks
Lecture 9 :- Mixture and Alligation

Learn how to solve mixture and alligation method

  • Topics

  1. 1. Introduction to Mixture and Alligation
  2. 2. Solve various problem related to them
  3. 3. Shortcut tricks.
Lecture 10 :- Simple and Compound Interest

learn about Simple Interest,Compound interest,

  • Topics

  1. 1. Concept and solve SI and CI related question.
  2. 2. Problems on difference of CI and SI
  3. 3. Shortcut tricks.
  4. 4. Exercise
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Sabyasachi Majee

Skills: InteractiveMaking the class interesting

I have been working at the Research Institute for the last 10 years. I am interested in teaching and love to teach Mathematics as it is my favorite subject. I believe every student is different, so I try to personalize my teaching to cater to their needs. Also, I believe that with the proper guidance of every student should be able to think and understand the subject and should come up with their own solutions to problems. So I think I will be a suitable person to be appointed not only as a teacher but also as a friend.


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