Biology Made Easy - 12th (Part 1) Class XII 0.0 Juhi Duwarkadas Suhanda 29 May - 21 Aug All Level 50 Hrs (25 Lectures) English Available Batches: 1


  • Importance/Application of the concepts in real life!
  • Easy techniques to remember the concepts!
  • Clarity on the topics taught!
  • How to frame answers for better scores in board exams!

Skills you gain

  • HSC
  • Biology
  • CBSE
  • Class 12


This is a weekend course that is divided in 4 parts and covers 4-5 chapters each from class 12th Biology curriculum. Biology made easy 12th - Part 1- This includes 4 chapters from the 12th Biology syllabus. It will be an interactive session wherein videos, images, and presentations would be used.My course will help students in making their biology fundamentals strong and has easy to understand and informative content.The main topics and sub-topics of the all the chapters will be covered thoroughly. Students of CBSE, NCERT, NIOS, and HSC can take this course. After completion of each chapter a test would be conducted.Learners will be provided with references for their notes.In the last session of each course guidance and tips would be provided on the below topics - 1) Previous Year Board questions 2) Framing answers  3) Entrance exams questions  4) Potential Careers in related fields after 12th  (If applicable)


10 Oct Introduction
Mendels experiments
Genetic terminology
11 Oct Genetic basis of Inheritance
Procedure for crossing experiment
Mono hybrid cross and dihybrid cross
17 Oct Genetic Basis of inheritance
Mendalian laws
Test Cross and Back Cross
18 Oct Genetic Basis on inheritance
Results of Dihybrid cross
Genotypic and Phenotypic ratios
24 Oct Deviations from Mendelian laws
Incomplete Dominance
Co dominance
Multiple Alleles
25 Oct Deviations from Mendelian Laws
Polygenic Alleles
31 Oct Recap and Assesment
Query solving
Popular questions
01 Nov Microbes In Human Welfare
Microbes in Sewage Treatment
07 Nov Microbes in Human Welfare
Microbes in Industrial Production
Microbes in Biogas Production
08 Nov Microbes as Biocontrol Agents
Microbes as Bio Fertilizers
Industrial Opportunities
14 Nov Recap and Assessment
Query solving
Popular Questions
15 Nov Molecular Basis of Inheritance
DNA - as Genetic Material
Griffith Experiment
Avery Macleod and Mc Carty Experiment
Hershy and Chase Experiment
21 Nov Modern Concept of Gene
DNA structure
22 Nov Semi conservative Replication of DNA
Mechanism of DNA replication
Packaging of DNA
28 Nov RNA, General Structure , Types and Functions
Structure of RNA
Types of RNA
29 Nov Protein Synthesis
The Genetic Code
Characteristics of Genetic Code
05 Dec Translation of Proteins
Transcription Revision
06 Dec Translation of Proteins
12 Dec Gene Regulation
Lac operon
13 Dec Recap and Assessment
Query Solving
Popular Questions
19 Dec Genetic Engineering and Genomics
DNA fingerprinting
20 Dec Human Genome Project
Vaccine Production
26 Dec Gene Therapy
Transgenic Animals
27 Dec Recap and Assessment
Query Solving
Popular Questions
02 Jan Smart Tips
Previous Years Questions
Common Mistakes and solutions


Juhi Duwarkadas Suhanda

Clinical Trial Assistant

I am a clinical researcher and an educator by profession. I have completed my Masters in Biotechnology (with distinction) and have 4 years of teaching experience in the domain of Biotechnology, Biology, Immunology, Molecular Biology, Environmental Sciences, and Chemistry.  Working as a visiting faculty at Ramnarain Ruia College for Graduate and post-graduate Biotechnology courses. I also functioned as an associate tutor with 2 reputed academic institutions for 11th -12th Biology and chemistry. I have 3 research papers published in the Abhinav National Monthly Refereed Journal and the Asian Journal of Research in Chemistry. I was also associated with the Bhabha Atomic Research center as a researcher for a Molecular Biology Project. In the clinical research field, I have been awarded twice in the year 2018 and 2019 for the best performance in clinical trial projects. The knowledge in this field helps me to provide a practical perspective and quality teaching to my students. I am certified in below areas- Teaching Techniques Presenting information with stories Critical Thinking Public Speaking and Audience engagement Using Humour to engage the audience Good Clinical Practices etc.                                                                                                  As a person, I am very friendly and optimistic. My hobbies are Travelling, trekking, Running, Reading and Painting.


29 May - 20 Jan
Timings : 03:00 PM - 05:00 PM

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50 Hrs (25 Lectures)
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