Learn SQL with MySQL Database

SQL and Database Development to work effectively in DBMS

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This course is designed to teach how to use structured query language statements in MySQL command line client tool. The SQL statements are common to all major database management systems.

You will learn Database designing, Database modeling, SQL DBMS concepts, Database relationships and much more along with practical examples

What will you learn?
  • You will learn the skills useful for professional Database Development (Database Modeling) and Database Management.
  • You will be able to use SQL statements in any database management system.
  • Understand the Database terminology and Structured Query Language fundamentals.
What knowledge and tools are required?
  • Basic computer knowledge is required to learn from this course.
  • No need to buy any software. We will download and install MySQL which is absolutely free.
Who should take this course?
  • Network applications developers.
  • Graduate and undergraduate students
  • Database developers and database administrators.
  • People who love to learn new skills
Lecture 1 :- Introduction

About SQL

  • Topics

  1. 1. What is SQL
Lecture 2 :- Overview of SQL,DBMS,RDBMS

  • Topics

  1. 1. What is DBMS,RDBMS and how to get started with them
Lecture 3 :- Environment setup

Download install MYSQL on different platforms

  • Topics

  1. 1. To Install MYSQL on different platforms
Lecture 4 :- Condition and operators

  • Topics

  1. 1. SQL AND Operator , SQL OR Operator , SQL IN Operator , SQL EXISTS
  2. 2. SQL TRUE,FALSE condition SQL Comparison Operators , SQL LIKE Operator
Lecture 5 :- SQL clauses

  • Topics

  1. 1. Create tables,rows Learn about SQL SELECT Clause
  2. 2. SQL SELECT DISTINCT Statement , Learn about SQL FROM Clause
Lecture 6 :- Insert, Read, Update, Delete the Data Rows

  • Topics

  1. 1. Data Manipulation language(DML)
Lecture 7 :- SQL Data types

  • Topics

  1. 1. Integer Numbers in SQL (Exact Values) , Fixed-Point Numbers in SQL
  2. 2. Floating-Point Numbers in SQL (Approximate Values) , CHAR and VARCHAR in SQL
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Aman Bhadoria

Hi, I am Aman Bhadoria from Delhi, India. I'm an instructor, freelance developer, MySQL. I am currently pursuing degree and started developing websites for myself, where  I am learning online marketing & SEO (search engine optimization) skills by using which promoted my websites. While marketing my websites, I started working on freelance projects, where I got opportunities to further improve my skills. During my  freelancer carrier, I've helped some of clients to build websites, APIs, web servers and much more. I've practical experience of working on some of projects. And it would be my pleasure to share my experience with you.


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