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If you like art, if you wish to draw elegantly, then it is a must for you to practice a little daily. This course introduces you to the basic yet most essential things about sketching in easy steps with each lecture, and then your daily work will be ensured as a good deal with practice improves sketching. 

Starting with your hands to move easily on paper we'll end up with your pencil gliding effortlessly making beaut on paper. 

The basic knowledge about sketching we'll be doing here will always help you to nourish your sketching skills and eventually to attain expertise in the same.

Also, you'll learn how to make the picture in your mind come off well on paper in the easiest way possible. This course will make sure for you to learn to draw beautifully not only human figures but anything.

What will you learn?
  • How to draw proportionate human figures.
  • How to shade objects according to the direction of light.
  • How to sketch still life.
  • How to make one point and two-point perspective drawings.
  • How to use shading in design.
  • How to observe and analyze things around us.
  • How to draw freehand designs.
What knowledge and tools are required?
  • Tools - Sketchbook, shading pencils( 2H, H, 2B, 4B, 5B, 6B, 8B, 10B) and the basic stationery.
  • Basic drawing skills
Who should take this course?
  • This course can be taken by any immediate beginner with an urge to learn to sketch.
  • Amateur with an urge to gain knowledge about sketching.
  • Intermediate level artists with an interest in enhancing their sketching skills.
Lecture 1 :- Introduction to Sketching

  • Topics

  1. 1. Introduction to the tools.
  2. 2. Basic knowledge about sketching.
  3. 3. Types of lines.
Lecture 2 :- Freehand Drawing

  • Topics

  1. 1. Different freehand shapes
Lecture 3 :- Shading

  • Topics

  1. 1. Types of pencil shading
Lecture 4 :- Perspective drawing

  • Topics

  1. 1. one point perspective
  2. 2. Two point perspective
Lecture 5 :- Shading the perspective drawing

  • Topics

  1. 1. Shading according to the direction of light
Lecture 6 :- Design shading

To learn pencil shading according to the aesthetics.

  • Topics

  1. 1. shading freehand designs
Lecture 7 :- Progressive shading

To attain advancement in shading skills.

  • Topics

  1. 1. working on complex designs
Lecture 8 :- sketching

  • Topics

  1. 1. Still life sketching
Lecture 9 :- Human body proportions

  • Topics

  1. 1. Human figures- men, women & children
Lecture 10 :- Body movements

  • Topics

  1. 1. Sketching body outlines
Lecture 11 :- Sketching figures

  • Topics

  1. 1. Adding layer to the body outline
Lecture 12 :- Sketching figures II

  • Topics

  1. 1. Sketching two or more human figures together
Lecture 13 :- Human face

  • Topics

  1. 1. Proportions of human face
  2. 2. Sketching facial expressions.
Lecture 14 :- Portrait

  • Topics

  1. 1. Detailing human face
Instructor Profile

Nupur Dhomne

An artist behind the catalyst to your art. Being interested in exploring art from my childhood, this subject now tempts to be my passion and now being an interior designer it adds on to my love for art.When you do the work you love, you're tend to make miracles in that feild and me believing in this thought has always made me win in the feild of art. I possess optimistic thoughts towards the way of looking the world and thus look forward to always create interactive learning sessions. This being my way of sharing knowledge, I'll make sure to glide your art work effortlessly. 


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