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French Basics with Ishita

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Learn French Basics with me and be able to easily communicate with primary phrases in the language. The basics will include everything you need to start the journey of language learning. 

Let's together embark on an exciting journey to discovering not only a new language but also a nouvelle culture.

Before starting this course, I want you to be determined, energetic, and willing to make this happen! I'm very thrilled, are you?

So let's begin right away!

What will you learn?
  • Adjectives to Describe people or things
  • How to use Plural and Feminine
  • Most Commonly Used Verbs
  • Articles
  • Greet people in French
  • Know numbers and alphabets in French
  • Easily Present (talk about) Yourself and Others in French
  • Basic Conversation
  • Weekdays, Months of the year
  • Ask Questions ( Inquire about something in french)
What knowledge and tools are required?
  • Desire and Determination to start learning a new language.
  • A laptop/pc/phone with a good Internet Connection.
  • A notebook to make notes for a lifetime.
Who should take this course?
  • Working Professionals looking for Career Development
  • Children wishing to develop strong basics for academic purpose
  • Anyone and Everyone, cause learning a new language is so much fun!
Lecture 1 :- Introduction to the language

Facts about the language, Numbers and alphabets.

  • Topics

  1. 1. Numbers and Alphabets
Lecture 2 :- Greetings and Salutations

  • Topics

  1. 1. Greetings and salutations
Lecture 3 :- Presentation

Present oneself in french

  • Topics

  1. 1. Se présenter
Lecture 4 :- Presentation 2

Present others in French

  • Topics

  1. 1. Présenter quelque'un
Lecture 5 :- Weekday, Months and Articles

  • Topics

  1. 1. Les jours de la semaine
  2. 2. Les mois de l'année
  3. 3. Les articles
Lecture 6 :- Most Commonly used Verbs in French

  • Topics

  1. 1. Les Verbes
Lecture 7 :- Plural, Feminine and use of Adjectives

Make sentences and words plural and feminine and also learn useful adjectives

  • Topics

  1. 1. Make words/sentences plural/ feminine
  2. 2. useful adjectives in french
Lecture 8 :- Ask Questions

ask questions in french

  • Topics

  1. 1. Learn to ask Questions in french
Lecture 9 :- Basic Conversation in french Part 1

how to talk to people at a bank, doctors, how to get help, asking the time, talking about entertainment (movies,holidays etc)

  • Topics

  1. 1. at a bank, doctors, how to get help, asking the time etc
Lecture 10 :- Basic Conversation in french Part 2

How to talk to people in French- ordering food, at a store ( medical, clothing etc)

  • Topics

  1. 1. ordering food, at a store ( medical, clothing etc), describe people etc
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Ishita Kothari

Hello and Bonjour, this is Ishita Kothari, your French Language Instructor and I will be guiding you throughout this spectacular course where we will be learning so much in much less time! I've attained my Diploma in french from the French Ministry (through Alliance Francaise de Bombay). Being a passionate teacher it brings me great pleasure to provide my students with love, this language has given to me.  


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